Sustainable,  good news that can be economical and environmental too.  We humans have a responsibility to future generations of all life on this planet.  I say that because we seem to have a genuine effect on Mother earth and we like to think we are conscious rational beings. The alternative is to keep funding supporting the things that are destroying the very matrix on which we stand and the only one we know for sure that we can live love and procreate upon.

What to do you say! Let us start by talking to our representative about what will sustain a future for ourselves and our children’s children.   We should be shooting for seven generation long term.  But let’s start with this no more subsidies for industries that pollute deplete or otherwise harm the earth.

In fact we should move toward taxing polluters with ever growing penalties/fees until it is no longer profitable for them to do the damage they are doing.  This would lead to higher prices on thing that pollute such as oil products.  Yes I’m talking about the dreaded carbon tax.

We should support those thing that will sustain us.  Like eating local getting to know the people who grow your food or better  yet growing your own food.  Shopping local and definitely being local involved in your community  politics ensuring your representatives know your concerns insight for solution.

I’m advocating we be responsible for our actions and insist that others that purport to represents us be responsible for theirs.  this call for us to be involved in our communities and our lives.  Think about your relation to the earth out of which you grow and enrich your lives.  Be conscious of how you affect your environment and this includes how you interact with your fellow steward of the land.

We are currently stuck to Mother Earth by a firm gravity as we hurtle around the galaxy we call home spiraling after a star we call sun.  We should live on this planet sustainable as long as we can, scientist so far have only found super earths  with gravities that we would find crushing. We better learn to sustain ourselves here.  Perhaps some day will come when we can embark on a journey to a distant star but it is still a ways out and no sure bet when we get  there that we will survive.  Mother Earth is really an oasis a rare jewel that we should cherish and need to sustain.