The group I priest for Mystic Star had a weekend gathering for the New Moon the idea was to give some respite from the fireworks and a work party to continue  building the temple for the group.

The whole idea of Mystic Star is to give an eclectic spiritual sacred space in which to have meaningful ritual for healing each other and the land.  A Tuatha as the ancient Celts would have called it, a family or tribe as we would today.  The group has held rituals here for five years now and the elementals have on the whole been pleased.

Except this weekend while I was in a heightened state I had a visitation from one of the Fey a heart to heart talk you might say.  What she had to tell me I had already sensed that they are not at all pleased with the trash being left there and that they may start taking warding action on those that don’t walk softly on the land.

I have promised that I will do what ever I can to honor the compact I have with the spirits of the land  and now must insist that all that come to summer wood do  too.   Realize that the Temple the sacred space is something we do together just as we do ritual together.  Respect for the land should be inherent in this.

When we are out in the woods or where ever the wilds are where you are we should always adhere to pack it in and pack it out.  In fact we should always take a spare grocery bag with us so we can pick up the crap left behind by cretins that are so disconnected as  to litter. This includes cigarette butts learn how to field strip your cigarettes leave the tobacco  as an offering but not the filter. The birds will pick that up that cigarette butt. However,  the filter is where the carcinogens are somewhat filtered out of your smoke so it pollutes their nest as well as your lungs therefore not falling in with do as you wilt so long you hurt none.

When you take responsibility for your actions for your environment you are rewarded with a strength a confidence that  can help you create the kind of world that you desire.   When you take on personal responsibility you become the sovereign of your own life you decide how and what you are going to feel and do.  It can liberate you from depression, doubt  responsibility give you back the control of your life.

What we are attempting to do here with Mystic Star requires cooperation. Something which we humans have used to build great things in our  past and will have to use to build the temple and support buildings. . It hinges on each member taking responsibility for their part in the grand scheme. From the first concept to the final stone it needs a shared  vision,  cooperation and personal responsibility. We all have a part we can contribute and some  shared responsibilities  like keeping the site a clean and healthy environment for our families and future generations.

Remember when you come to Summer Wood and the Mystic Star Temple your are entering Sacred space and that the spirits and elementals need to be respected if we want that special feeling you all feel when you come here for a gatherings.  I have enjoyed living here for over twenty years and dearly want to share it with all of you. However, if we can’t cooperate and take personal responsibility at least while you are here the site will have to be closed to a private circle membership decided on  by the Fey of Summer wood.

Be warned humans.

Gandalf Greendragon and the Fey of Summer Wood