Healing Energy

Healing energy can only flow freely when the patient has acceptance of their illness. Where they own it learn from it, then they actually can heal themselves. I can tell the degree of acceptance that they have about their illness by the ease and flow of energy coming out my hands when I do a Reiki healing. When I do this and they have resistance to the illness then I heat up because the body wants the healing but the mind has resistance.
If the patient is an adept by that I mean someone who has taken the time to meditate on a daily basis has Psychic abilities can look at what the illness means to them they can receive messages about what it has to teach, they can more easily heal. This is the way to true acceptance of your problem find what it has to teach you accept the lesson then move on. Healing will follow!
I as a Reiki master can aid you in most illness mitigating the pain and some of the symptoms, but if there is some underlying issue as witnessed by a chronic illness more personal work is called for, some habits you will have to adopt in order to move on from your disability. Things like a meditation practice, diet, fitness program in the form of play, a reiki attunement. If your willing we can work together to examine your issues through an ancient Sanskrit symbols that can aid you with the mental healing insights that will aid you in your healing.
Distant healing is done through these Sanskrit symbols that a Reiki master can project over a distance. I have sent energy across the globe I need only a location and a name the universal healing energy is connected to us all we only have to be opened to it’s grace and be willing to heal to accept our issues and learn from them is what it is all about. When I do a long distance healing I always use the mental symbol for this very reason you need to come to acceptance of the lesson the illness has for you. It all comes down to acceptance. So find a meditation practice that you can do a mantra that you chant or focus on your breathe. I like the in through the nose out through the mouth focus. It is easy quick and you can do it anywhere because I have. Live mostly in the now be aware of your self talk a positive outlook is very helpful even I have negative thoughts about myself and I have been a Reiki master for 25 years. Accept yourself own your attitudes and outlook on things, be true to yourself you will have all the healing energy you need for most that will happen to you. We all need a helping hand once in a while you know and that is okay.
With love
Gandalf Greendragon