The some what constant patter of rain dripping off the eaves. The swing and click of the solar kupie doll. the hum of the computer fan these are the sound that drill in on a rainy day. the traffic noise on the high way is muted might be the only bonus of a rainy day.

Now quickly the sun shines run out and plant 30 of the 60 tulip bulbs purchased last fall. Should have had them in long ago by the fact that the daffodils are coming up hopefully not to late but if so there is always next year.  The plus is that I don’t have to water them in Mother nature is doing that.

I guess you can say I have adapted to the rain looked for the silver lining and sure enough it is there.  So buck up North Westerns   we need the rain down here for the snow in the mountains or else this won’t be the evergreen state any more.