First I would like to post the proposition that there is a creator an ultimate source of pure consciousness that has dreamed up the universe in which we live. Given this spirit chooses to create something what would be the process.? Well how do we create something? It begins with a thought correct? So ergo sumo the All created this universe from its consciousness, we live in a dream if you will humor me for this little excise.  This is how I see the phrase  “The all is in all, the all is mind”  as it is stated in the Emerald tablet of Thoth.

How do we see things?  Conventional wisdom state that light reflects of things and our eyes receive those reflected light within the eye and sends through electrical signals to the optical lobes in the back of your head.  Oh! The signal is flipped and those lobes analyses the signal and sends it to the frontal lobes of your brain. This to me is a good example of what is meant by the phrase “As above so below” and it ties back to the phrase The all is consciousness for have we not created that image within our own minds? For the one thing most scientist will avoid is what is consciousness?  Ever since the 1+920s when Einstein, Boer and Heisenberg were riffing off each other’s over Einstein’s famous E=MC squared basically equating energy with matter.  Heisenberg with his Uncertainty principle which acknowledges that at a certain quantum level you can only know one thing about a particle for example you can know its velocity but not its location.  This ties back to the double slit experiment where it was shown that light is either a wave or a particle it depends on the observer, here we have consciousness effecting the property of light which is at the root of all existence per E=MC squared.

I want to thank you for taking a journey with me down the rabbit hole.