Greetings from Esmeralda the
Emerald Dragon and friend of Gandalf aka Phil Christophers who has invited me to speak to you today. I would like to speak about universal laws of attraction.  As you move into the fourth and fifth dimension this law starts to have quicker application. Or to say what you project out with high emotional intensity it will manifest much faster.  Therefore it is most important to maintain as positive of an attitude as you can. I realize that you humans are ruled more by your emotions than dragons are but

do not mistake control for lack of passion for we Dragons can have a very fiery passion as your myths might indicate this is in part how we can bring out a fiery breath.

So when you are full of fear and dread about the fool that is your president. I will say to you Send Healing energy to him that he may see the error of his way to doing what is best for you all. Most of you are quite powerful and have a fair understanding of magic us your spell and rituals dear ones Call on your guides angels Gods, Goddesses, source to make  the best of this situation for everyone.

Be the warrior priest or priestess that you were born to be. The veil is thin they powers of earth sky fire and water are yours to command now is the time to come into your inner power. Be your inner Dragon or phoenix rise from these ashes and fly free of our fear or thoughts of limitation.

If you wish to contact me go to your favorite tree  ground into its being breath deep the smell of the forest greenery let your mind calm and call out my name Esmeralda the emerald Dragon please speak with me and I will be there for you.  Not to do your biding but to listen and offer guidance.

Many Blessing

Esmeralda the Emerald Dragon