For over a month I have been doing sun Salutations.

At first I was just enjoying the warmth. I also felt a love

coming in on those sun rays It prompted me to send this love

out to the earth and all her creatures I decided that the best way I could

do this was to add a  Reiki distant to the mix and to connect it to the Dryad

Network and the dragon lines I envisioned it spreading from pole to pole

North to south. east to west sending the love of the sun and the healing

energy from the Reiki masters past and present and the Green

dragon.  I chanted words of healing understanding and loving

compassion. It is my sincere wish that you all feel this love and

understanding of our deep connection to the earth and each other.

this most especially Donald Trump and Mike Pence as they move into

the oval office with a deep awareness of this connection and there need to

represent us all not just their close friends.