Going within to find your on button, by this I mean meditation on your heart center can lead you to your inner power now.  I have recently had to opportunity if you choose to look at it that way.  I used James Tiberan Meatatronic Keys to connect with all my past lives, this I did with the help of the Rieki network to send healing loving energy  from a visionary position of the center that radiated that out to each one of those lives I shared with them all the knowledge that I had attained so far. This brought bake to me a great power that I am still integrating into my great Id or soul.

I feel that this is possible to all of you. that It take a little devotion to yourself. Connect with your heart chakra and focus on getting that pink green light to shine out into your aura. sense with what ever sens is clearest within in you, by that I mean hear it see it feel it or know it. Once you have that cemented in. go to your spirit guides or angels and ask that you be allowed contact with your past lives.  Take this at your won speed. I do not recommend taking them on all at once like I did it has been a bit of a roller coaster  kind of ride, and I am only now coming into the station to get of that ride.  I will point out that I have thirty years of practice. None the less you can do this at this time on Earth she will help you with this if you ask.  Remember we are all her children with a spark of the Sun within.

Phil Christophers aka Gandalf Greendragon