Greetings, I have a clarification on yesterdays post: Allen pointed out that I jumped from the third to the fifth dimension what happened to the Fourth dimension?  The answer my friends is the blowing of the cosmic wind. As it has been explained to me the fourth dimension is an energy band. It is there to hold a space for thoughts to manifest. A place where you go to when you dream or die it is a transitional phase between the higher density dimensions of the fifth, sixth and seventh and the lower three dimensions which we seem to reside in.

Now to my title: I picked this title because I want to share my morning ritual, I begin the day by fixing my coffee to start the day  the first thing is to tap out the coffee grounds in a bucket by the porch. As soon as I go out side I begin this chant, prayer  or declaration:

I give thanks for this house and me

I give thanks for the birds and the bees

I give thanks for the grass and the trees

I give thanks vegetable and the herbs

I send my love and thanks for the Sylphs of the air for the fire drakes, for the Undines of the water and the gnomes of the earth and the Dryads of the trees.

I give thanks and send my love to the Agarthans, Telosians, and the Anshure, my spirit guides the Ascended master the angels and archangels the gods and  Goddesses the all that is all for this beautiful day and then I ask How can it get any better than this?

I will say that my outlook on life has changed for the better by this simple ritual of course I attempt to give thanks throughout the day.  Not saying I am always doing that but it is a habit I am adopting. You do not have to do the whole chant I would recommend writing your own gratitude chant make it your own.  though youare welcome to use it all if you want.