Time is an illusion or is it just an phenomenon of our perception. It seem relative to our focus as to how much time has elapsed when we say are having fun. Or how it seems to drag when we are doing something we hate or find boring. We say things like time is dragging along  or Zipping along.  We attempt to break it up into seconds and precious moments, longs hours night and day, week, months and  years.  All these divisions seem arbitrary  for day and night vary according to where we are  in our spiral around our sun. For instance we are experiencing longer nights  and shorter days.  We agree to these division in order to coordinate our meetings in a time and space.  But it is a mental construct there is actually just this very moment  in the ever present now.  this they say is what we will experience once the Event happens. When we get that big flash of light and love  that will bring some of us into the Fifth dimension new earth.  This light will open us up to a wider deeper experience.

Some of us will be dealing with our shadow or dark side, this is why it is important to do the work to integrate your past lives your dark things that have happened in this current life the more you take care of now will determine how difficult this shift or event will be upon you.  Do the inner work bring out your true self.  Fill your heart with love of self and the other.  Though in fact there is only the one consciousness that we all share.