Drifting on the endless sea of consciousness I begin to feel what it means to be. A multidimensional being. It is most important to be aware of all that triggers us personally.  When we find others projecting their fear anger or any other shadow aspect of themselves.  When someone starts projecting that energy at you and you find yourself reacting, stop take a deep breath and ask for some time to work on your emotional charge by digging into this mystery.  If that does not work at least target that for later analysis.  The important thing is to work on your own shadow. So see your own projections first and stop them to do the work needed to transform the charge into something positive a source of power instead of blasting it out at the other.   In fact when dealing with the other who is in this state you should first discern if what they are attacking you with is truly yours. If it is their projection send them love give them an inner smile and do not fall into their drama.  This should defuse the situation it will most definitely not escalate it.

With fire we transform it, with water we cleanse and heal it.  In the earth we can ground it and air helps us to discern the correct path  use the elements to guide you and remember to smile and fill your heart with love. Diving deep into that sea of consciousness and reap the reward of the collective unconsciousness.

Blessed be

Gandalf the Green