Well we are in it now the fifth year after the beginning of 2012. what will it be like come 12/21/2017 will the event have happened. Not likely but have we missed any big changes that happened back in 12/21/2012 At the time I could not say their had been a shift but each subsequent year I gained new understandings new insights new ways to think about time and consciousness itself.

Though in truth my whole life has been about self discovery and serving others. At five I was folding laundry to help my mom. Just a part of being a Virgo I know. but still I strive to be a good kid. I didn’t rebel until my twenties.  Well maybe a few times in my teens too.  I remember doing something for the harmonic convergences back in 1978,  Came across the Ramtha material in the eighties and witchcraft by the nineties until now.

so you might say I have always been a seeker.  I feel it is possible to become your body of light, that the planet is alive and in the process of moving to a higher density or dimension if your fond of string theory like me.

2013 was the year I lost sight in my eye. and went through a very dark night of the soul Quite literally since my left eye was not working so good then either.  That year tested me as a healer a priest of the old ways and as a whole being.

In 2014 around the winter solstice   I cam across the emerald tablets of Thoth and the teaching that all is consciousness which is quite a mind fuck I would say but it does seem to tie in nicely with all is energy for I feel the there is a thing like conscious energy or that there is power in thought.

2015 was the year I could start to say I had recovered from the shock of losing my right eye, or I could say I have adapted to it finally.  I was still striving to Grok that the all was all and that all was consciousness it self. It is a really big subject you will have to admit.  This was also the year I traveled by myself to Arkansas to attend a Earth Keepers conference which was somewhat trans formative.  Oh and I got to take a zip line for the first time.

2016  was a year of consolidation but then again I did connect to my past lives  in a big way. First it was flashes of a distant memory so far back in time I can not place it,  In which I was captain of a troop of Dog soldiers or werewolves might be another term. I then consulted a Psychic and she told me I had had 33 previous lives on earth. I then had a reading with a lady called Anode Judith who stated I had many more incarnations on many other stars systems or planets  When I went to the Earth Keepers conference in November I purchased Metarons keys by James Tyberon, which has allowed me to connect to all my  past lives as if I am the central dispatcher. I wrote about this back in December I believe.  Any way it has been a bit tough but also very rewarding.

I guess what could be said about this last four years is they have been eventful, challenging and enlightening. Since 2017 equates to a one in numerology we can guess that it will be a year of new beginnings.  We will be getting a new president if you want to call him that.  We started the year out with snow on the ground. So if the first day predicts anything it will be a cold year.  but sunny and bright.  To one and all hope this year is a good one and if I am any indication we are evolving and anything is possible anything.  I would conclude that 2012 was the start of something.

bright blessing