Just watched the Fog of war a documentary made about Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense through the Kennedy and most of the Johnson administration, therefore during the Vietnam  It was a trip down memory lane and not a really great one either. He tried to claim that the Tonkin bay incident was real but admitted that the torpedo attacks never happened. What I now call a false flag.

He attempts to excuse his mistakes due to the Fog of war which he explains is that no one can keep track of all the factors of a war that it is too complex.  While that may be true, I think that you can tell when a decision breaks a rule of logic or and ethics.  In his defense he did show some emotion when taking about Kennedy:s funeral and a protester setting  himself on fire outside of his office but not over the 58,000 soldiers that were lost or the millions of Vietnamese that dies in that senseless war.

The Fog of War is a poor excuse but a good lesson in the dangers of absolute power. The most important thing to do when one finds themselves in a fog is to slow the fuck down or pull over and wait it out. you do not barrel on a ahead blindly. I have to give it a thumbs down