They say the heart is your fourth Chakra or center of power.  It is the center of your love power. According to Heart Math your heart has a brain which is actually precognitive it can sense what is coming a good 20 second faster than your brain. Therefore it behooves you to listen to what it has to say.

How might you go about hearing your heart you might ask. Well the best way I know is to still your monkey mind through meditation. Once you have reached the Alpha state your conversation can begin.  At first it might not have much to say. unless of course you are doign this while driving down the street in which case it will tell you to watch out a good twenty second before you become aware.  After awhile your Heart can begin to guide you especially in matter of the heart.

I might add that you can use this method to talk to any part of your body some part you have to be more patient with.  The answers are pretty simple but I have been able to get yes and no answers I have been able to stop pain some times using this method try it.