Easter a time to celebrate the rising of the christos from the grave. Which is celebrated with Bunny rabits and colored eggs, both symbols of the Goddess Ostara in old German Estora in old English. This is not all, when you think about it how they come up with the date it is always the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. They sure are using a lot of celestial terms to get this date which supports those that claim this is actual Astro-theology. Including the three days for Resurrection, which mirrors the three days that the sun pauses at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Then there are the Twelve disciples which seem to allude to the twelve zodiacal signs.


So what is the Church up to with Easter? Could it be just to get the pagans into church and stop there Ostara rites out in the fields. Or do they just want to control the magic of each season?  Most likely it is a combination of many things these being but two of many.

I urge you all to look at you religion determine the dogma within it, and remove it from you mindset. I have studied many religion and they seem to have some common core things Having to do with Love balance and self improvement. When they go into manipulation and control. you will most likely find dogma at the center of these attempts.

I wish you a very happy Ostara may the divine bless you with love and understanding in this spring season.