great day Esmeralda what would  you like to talk about?

I would like to tell you a story of a race of beings who thought they were all alone when many were near by, even you  Gandalf have failed to see the fey when they were close by.

Ah then it is a tale of us humans then?

Yes it is, your collective must wake up and smell the coffee as you like to say.  As these hazy days of summer creep in you will begin to see such things again Ferry folk and |dragons in the sky.  Why you might even see me if you know where  to look. in that certain way. Listen close and I will speak of magical things that special sight.  that key vibration maybe a sacred beat. that exact state of alpha or better still theta.  that unfocused gaze  when your striving to see auras.

You can find me in the green ocean wave or sometimes napping wrapped around a mountain baking in the sun. My cane you will never find for it is cloaked with magic deep and dark from the most ancient past. For I have been longer than most but  I was here at the beginning of this world you call Gaia, Gandalf!

Your years mean little to me for I have been in the eternal now for many procession of the equinox than you can count  though long did I turn on fates wheel. before I learned the magic of that. Long long ago we went under the hill the Sidshe and me or fading into the western sea always one step ahead of you humans. Not that we are better than what you can be.  All the things we do you are capable of.

It is time for you to open you eye children that inner eye the eye of Horus the pinal gland I believe your scientist like to say,  There are many ways for you to activate that inner eye . google it and you will see many options. Meditate do breathe work or youga martial arts are all good ways to develop mind and body.  Call on your guides in the spirit world  they have been struggling to get your attention.  watch of synchronicity  like double or tipple numbers like 333 or 633 as a queue  that they are needing to get a hold of you. Time to find a quiet space and have a little chat with the wild side.  At least my side likes a good party. it helps to keep your vibration high remember to be happy follow your bliss as much as you can, smile it confuse authority.  Of course when I smile babies cry because it is so toothy.

Phillip, you need to sit quietly and just be. Be as one with me and the all. You need to believe that you can do all that you want but firs you must be it.

end o transmission!

Esmeralda the Green dragon of healing