Dear Higher self what do I need to do to aid in my own ascension?

Phil you should blaze blaze blaze your emerald fire. return to utilizing the rays of the sun. send out the reiki healing for your own and everyone else ascension  . you need to get back into meditation at least an hour or more a day. you still have shadow work to do use the tools that you have to commune with your past lives be open to the healing you can do there. reach out to others with the keys that you have. share with all that will listen walk your talk as you sometimes say. be more attuned to your inner voice we will be there to assist we truly needed.  Once you retrain your ego it should get better at maintaining what we both desire. Most of all visualize it as if it is already here. imagine it as bright and as beautiful as you can be daring here people But remember you will need to maintain a peaceful heart a loving heart at all times fill your hearts with joy be creative. mostly though just be. 

Love Higher self

indeed i thank you HS may we do this again.

I am sure we will.