IMG_20170804_105819.jpgThe case for extraterrestrial life out there is thus:

we have found exoplanets out the with the Keck telescope we survived a 1000 exoplanets they came up with twenty percent of them were within the zone where water is liquid , we believe there are over 200 billion stars in this galaxy alone works out to forty billion  planets in the Goldilocks zone.  we even have NASA speculating on microbiology going on two moons rotating around the gas giants of our solar system. It seems that they have the three things needed for life to grow life, an energy source, liquid water and the bionics and the time to evolve we should have extraterrestrial life out there.


Then there is all the sightings of unidentified areal phenomena or UAP  the new replacement for UFO. I have my own sighting to report in fact. It was back in 1974 the summer in the oilfields of Wyoming.  abut two miles south of Bill Wyoming. It appeared  off the right side of the dirt road we were traveling down when my cremate said stop what is that. What it was is a cylinder silver in color as I remember  about the length of a football field long and maybe fifteen feet in diamante. It moved with out sound or any outside mode of propulsion. though the best evidence is when it took off or clocked  because it disappeared on a clear day in Wyoming high plains not easy to do.

Now I will admit My sighting is not proof of extraterrestrial pilots for their is the documentation  on the Viril and Thule society who initiated the prewar German into the creation of the bell a device that glowed and levitated off the ground with a lot of force. there is also rumors that they created the honey boo series of saucer shaped craft and moved them down to Argentina before they lost world war two. This all leads to Project paper clip a plan to bring in 2000 Nazi scientist to work for us supposedly.  Here is where we get into the dark budget and unacknowledged programs we could very well made the craft that I saw back in 1974.

It would seem to be checkmate at this point but what about other areal phenomena such a light ship, Orbs and craft that are only viable in infrared  photography such as sighted down in Mexico by a military flight out hunting drug traffickers back some time ago. we are not dealing with just one thing type of craft  or entity operating it.  I am going to say there is enough evidence out there to establish we are being visited by something or someone. they appear to be concerned about our obtaining the capability to blow up our world. Maybe it is time for us to pay attention to what is going on and let  our  representative in government disclose what you know about the U\AP and stop trying to take us into war.  They are asking us to wake up grow up and join them in a unified galactic society and live in peace with all creatures.