We hear of a study done that showed we Americans could not handle Extraterrestrials mostly based on Orson Wells reading HG Wells War of The Worlds. But I  think the  ones that could not handle it is the cabal they could not lose the money they are making of oil and there control on other energy forms. For the first question has to be If we finally confirm these vehicle come from other star system is what powers them. All these things control us if we had the power source of a flying saucer to power your home and car how much money would you have for your family for your charities. Not to mention desalinating sea water to make the desserts bloom.  To openly coolant the other planets in this system mine the asteroid belts. Oh and finally we all get flying cars I have been reading about this for fifty years it was promised in the Jetsons that long ago too.

We humans by now in the 21st century we should be there Electro-gravatics should be common language not just on the fringe. Beyond unity electric generation would be a thing is the cabal would just quit killing off or other wise silencing people who dream it up on there own.

If as I think that this coming event is one in our consciousness an evolution in the way we think and behave. It may be as easy as moving into the observer mode at all times except when we have to interact with others no need to be rude you know.  Come from this calm cool center before you respond but then coming from that higher state you can then perhaps react with grace. Stay calm and keep your towel close.sky-earth-space-working.jpg