Today while doing my Sun salutation I asked what my propose is.  The Sun said to write. So I asked about what and this is what I got:

Each one of these planets in my system is inhabited. Just because your eyes can not see them nor your instruments detect it does not mean that it is not there. On the gas giants the beings are ethereal and formed of plasma. On the rock planets there are both ethereal beings such as the elementals on your planet Gaia. They are also inhabited by physical and semi-physical beings.

Each planet has a logos or a theme your astrologers have talked of this for many eons. You can also look at as if it is a super soul of which your soul is connected to. So indeed you are all connected no matter were you originated from.

You are all here to share your gifts your unique truth Remember you are loved and should therefore be loving.  The Planets and I want you to come to a larger understanding of yourself and your connection to it all. Please join with your planetary consciousness, be in unity with your fellow beings both ethereal and physical for they can be one in the same.

Much Love the Sun

I just want to say that it is important to meditate either through breath work, Mantra , walking meditation like a labyrinth or just stilling your mind, mindfulness The other important things is shadow work, By this I mean examining what triggers you What brings you down your self doubts, you should treat these shadows with love and healing.