You ask but is that safe?  The answer is yes if you are me! The experts will say do not look directly at the sun and for the most part I agree. there are only two hours during a day when it can be attempted. They are the hour after the sune first rise and an hour before it sets. The first hour gets harder to meet as the summer progresses but the true devotee will arise with the dawn and stare dutifully for the first hour of the day as well as the last hour of the day.

pexels-photo-967099.jpegI would propose an alternative just stare at the sun with your eyes closed you are still getting a lot of vitamin D production. If you are sensitive you can still get information from the sun you can still feel it love for the Planet and you. Sun bathing is another good way to commune with the sun to let its transformative rays upgrade your DNA, charge up your ethereal body.

The Sun is viewed by some to be the father of this system, we find our selves in. The planets Venus  and Earth or as the greeks said Gaia are viewed as goddess or divine mothers, lovers. The rest are male deities.  Go figure right? two females with five males not the most balanced system. This is why we should exalt the divine feminine instead of suppressing it. We should all work on being balanced in our anima an animus as Jung put it. Connecting the divine female and male within you is part of a full activation. That and connecting your heart  with your third eye you are well on your way to accession.