I visited a friend recently. They were having some problems with their feet. I offered to send them healing energy. They stated they felt it would not help . Once they said that I knew it would be a wasted effort on my part. I can help no one who does not want to heal. One who is so wrapped up in their pain that they prefer that to health? Or is it that they garner something else from their illness their dis-ease. It make me wonder for sure. I would like to think that the universe would not present me with people that need healing but will not accept it. Very strange  But again I know that unless the patient want the healing little good will be the cure.

mLet me be clear an energy worker can only aid the higher reams in a case like this.  And Of course you always heal yourself in the end all we can do for you is send energy love, compassion and understanding. But it is hard to watch them continue in pain and suffering having immense healing  power and find you can do nothing as long as they have the perception that they deserve this or that it serves them in some way.

This is the healers Lament having that power and be stopped by a perception. knowing you can heal but being shutdown by a negative feedback loop. I would wish that all could be in health, peace  and love.


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