The Emerald ray a term I recently heard on Magenta pixie youtube channel, though I have heard of it else where for sure. I have heard it associated with the Archangel Raphael for one  So I add him to all healing work I do. This ray also represents the heart chakra so I could also say love.

What propped me to write was her point about the crystalline structure of the ruby so I looked up the structure of the ruby which is pyramidal which also work because that also mean the fire within rather poetic to my mind.  I then looked up the emerald it crystalline structure is hexagonal which ties in to Metatron’s key  in the ninth chakra and in my system the planetary logos. Which is the good green earth right? I am going with it any way

So the Emerald ray is about this planet Gaia Sophia, it is about love for the planet. Being grounded into the fifth dimensional mind of Gaia.  When I think about it I or we of that Ray answered Gaia Sophia’s call to aid her in her ascension. This  then is my purpose here to aid the planet in its ascension, to do that I must ascend to.

I truly wish I would hav realized this long ago but now that I have it I will strive to do what I can in the time left to me. To further that aim I ask all of you to do what you can to aid this planet which you are born of. It matters not where we cam from Sirius the paladin star systems, Aldeberon or Lira you where born of this earth in this incarnation you we all owe it gratitude and respect for the great gift she has given us. be in Harmony , hug a tree, dig your toes into a sandy beach and open your heart to mother earth and let the Emerald ray shine out to Gaia this mothers day.pexels-photo-1054289.jpeg