Greetings dear ones it is I Archangel Raphael coming to speak to you this dayin love and light. I have been asked to speak of the Emerald Ray. I am glad to aid you all in peace love and understanding.

the Emerald Ray is a ray of divine love sent from the Prime creator. It brings unconditional love of the Creator to all that are open.  While it is manifested here through this planet a beautiful creation built with this planetary logos which the greeks of old refer to as Gaia. This Ray is not just for this planet but for all planetary logos that can bring forth life.  The Emerald Ray is but one of many rays sent from the Prime Creator, These Rays are tied into your chakra systems and the emerald ray does connect to your heart dear ones in the form of what is called agape love or love for the creation. This ray brings forth the green in spring that the plants love to reflect. It is shown in the blue green waters of the ocean too.

It is important that you fill your heart with this Emerald Ray love, to share it with the planet the trees, the grass, the food you grow to sustain your self.  Pull in the Emerald Ray  in your prayers and meditations call on us to fill you up with all the rays that the angels bring. For we are here to aid you in becoming the cocreatorrs that you were designed to be. With love and light I end this transmission Raphael.pexels-photo-10916.jpeg