I tout myself as a wounded healer. I was initiated into the Reiki healing modality many years ago by Yasmine Galenorn and she by Kay Ridgeway Who traced her initiation back the Mrs Takata who was initiated by Dr. Usei. Who rediscovered the healing system after studying Sanskrit and then going up to the top of Mt. Fuji and meditating for 21 days as the story goes. When he came down the healing miracles began to happen first it was stopping the bleeding of a gashed toe. then the toothache of the daughter of a farmer which earned him foodgreendragon after his long fast. When Dr. Usei got back to Tokyo he opened a clinic and started doing his healing  work.  he eventually started doing attnements so people could heal themselves.  He then developed a second degree which allowed them to do healing on other at a distance away from the patient Finally he began attunements to give people the ability to initiate or attune others.

There are now several branches of Reiki. When I was given my Third degree attunement I had a vision of a emerald green dragon. This is why I went with the name Emerald Dragon Reiki. Though the use of the special Sanskrit symbols I can send healing energy across the space time continuum . back to the time a place where you became injured or sick. With the mental key I can aid you with emotional or mental trauma, even past life issues.  In a way time travel is already happening.

I do want to point out that any energy healer can only assist you in healing it is very important that you want or need this healing that you truly want it gone.  I only say this because I have seen or felt tha people get  wrapped up in their trauma or illness they feel it gives them something whether it is sympathy or it works with there plan to get aid.

I started this off saying I was a wounded healer and this is how I come about that claim First I shattered my ankle in a climbing accident on Devils Tower in Wyoming. They put my ankle back together kind of like Humpty Dumpty with all the kings men. It did not stick together and I ended up with a stepped ankle which quickly started grinding away at itself I eventual had it fused which was another mistake. Then In 2014 I had another accident tha poke out my right eye. The Reiki aided me in not losing the eyeball but I could not restore my sight at least not yet. So I am Chiron the wounded healer.