Children of the earth, children of the stars, drops in the endless ocean. We are all of these things. we are pure consciousness manifesting a meat sack. If you want you can transform it into anything you like as long as it is of the same mass they tell us. This consciousness is all persuasive it is the source of all creation it interacts with all things it is the morphogenic field that Rupert Sheldrake speaks of it is the ether that dreams are made of . Tapping into the full power of it makes you a co creator with in this power.

The trick is to feel it as well as know it.  To find it you must go within, meditate at least as many minute as you are years old. For instance I am 64 I should and do meditate at least 64 minutes a day. Work up to it I did not get up to this long until after I retired . Just be steady at it and there are many ways to do this meditation. You can do it by following your breath, using many methods such as breathing in your right nostril  then close that and out through your left and drawing in on the left and blowing out the right and taking the in breath then switch again.. I like a simpler method which is in through  the nose and out through the mouth. Simpler yet you can just follow your breath the in and the out of it. If your mind wanders just go back to the breath, no judgement.  The same thing with a mantra such as Om or aum as soon as you notice you have lost it just go back to it, practice is key.

You can also just go out and sit with your  back to a tree, by being mindful you obtain a serenity and calm state.  You can do it through a walking meditation too either  on a labyrinth  or a quiet park path. Even gardening can be done mindfully to obtain this state of consciousness.

At some  point in your self study you should be able to contact to your higher self, your spirit guide, or your guardian angel. All of these are interchangeable pick the one you resonate with and begin asking your ascension questions.  You have to reach an alpha state or even Theta. which is often just before you go into delta which is the sleeping state.  When you ask these questions  you may get the answer in the meditation our later in a dream when you slip from theta to delta. They will find a way to get you your answer if not the next day within a week. It could come in a conversation with a friend or even a stranger.

This practice has many benefits if you are willing to do the work. you can tune your chakras which further enhances the available power that you have. opening your crown chakra either through Reiki attunement or diligent inner work  and connecting your head to your heart gives you amazing healing powers certainly for your self and perhaps for others as well.  By connecting back into this one consciousness this  source energy out of which all creation was created. This is also why you can do things like program water or crystals. This is why you should pray or send thanks for the food you eat the water you drink.  It is all connected this is what is meant by being at one with the creator. We are one consciousness dancing with itself.

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