Unity- the quality or state of not being multiple oneness or a condition of harmony. As a former shop steward I often associate it with the union. Where the workers stand in union when in negotiation with management. This is where that common good is the unity we seek.

I would argue that Unity is what we need to overcome the dark cabal I do not like calling the Illuminate because they can no see the need to unify with that common good. We need to unify with our divine nature. To be in oneness with our true spirit/soul.  Our consciousness is in unity with it all. Quantium mechanics state that all photons are entangled from the beginning with the big bang.

I would say that we began in unity and our goal is to get back to that oneness. I have heard that  this first word was Om. If you chant the Om for any length of time you may feel that unity.  We need to resolve the paradox being at one with all at the same time as being in oneness with our true being.
So it is like think globally act locally, We are bright lights in unity to create a blazing sun.

Another place we can and should be in unity is weekly meditation. It is a powerful force based on the maharishi effect  where they got a couple thousand transcendental meditator s got together for meditation which brought the crime rate down by a significant amount. Therefore we can unify in one chant such as Peace love and unity at the same time, say for twenty or thirty minutes once a week we could change this world we find our self in.

boy sitting on wooden crate near flowers
Photo by Hasan Albari on Pexels.com