It seem the more I meditate my head gets in to this certain state. I do believe I am opening my third eye. A pressure there a tingling of my crown.  When I look up into my pineal gland, the third eye and images spring as I hold my amethyst skull named Bel and ask it to reveal my aquatic record a mixture of forms and waves of technicolor lights play out on my inner screen to much going on for my third dimensional mind to process I guess.  It went on for awhile long enough for the monitor to shut off but not long enough for the computer to require a password. I am realizing that it was a download not something you get to view like a movie.

Like the importance of speaking kind words as much as possible. Remind myself to smile more. The need to come from the heart to marry that to the mind.  Your heart  kicks out a electromagnetic field of at least three feet in diameter.  Energy workers are supposedly able to put out an even wider circle of energy that can be recorded. Therefore building up your personal prana or power of your heart with the focus of the mind means you can direct that energy to manifest what you want to see.  At least this is the heart of magic.

You can also use this field to find what you resonate with, by learning to sense the field. a great aid to empaths who learn to discern the boundary of their energy to know what is theirs and what belongs to other people.  It did help me any way.

Resonance is also a key to psychic protection, if you can raise your frequency through several modalities keeping your thoughts on the positive, smiling, being grateful, being loving compassionate. All these should raise your vibration. taking a walk in nature listening to good music, dance  art appreciation put you in a certain resonance that makes you bullet proof.  Oh and situational awareness is always good too. I would be remiss in this discussion if I did not mentions the power of the spoken word learn soem power words  some affirmations. And of course there is  visualization, you can visualize a diamond had egg of protection around your self encompassing your etheric body as well as your physical. Remember my friends the force is with you always.

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