I hate censorship. Especially when it is censorship of the truth. Such as the truth about cannabis oil being good for you, that RSO  can cure certain cancers. Where things like chemo therapy which has only a there percent effective rate or is it survival rate I can not remember other than it statistically does not work, yet that has no censorship when it should.

Censoring truth is all about control, not letting ideas that hurt some corporation bottom line. I would say this is the way to stop them from doing it hit them in the bottom line attack their profits make their lives miserable just like they mess with our lives.  it is high time that we assert our sovereign rights for free speech. The right to alter our minds if we so choose. To heal ourselves as we see fit. Do not succumb to their attempt to control through this nasty evil censorship. We need to all rise up a Say CBD for all down with the Pharmaceuticals companies spreading death and disease. Censor their pills that come with side effects worse than the disease they supposedly  treat. Show them that an idea whose time has come can not be censored can not be stopped.

I for one will fight this any way that I can in fact we all need to rise up when censorship raises its ugly little head and say no you can not do that we will talk about the benefits of herbs, we will lobby and speak out to protect our right to free speech.  Do not allow censorship to stop you.