Greetings to thee fair one what is your name?

You can call me Dawn Slayer for I am ever ready at the Dawn of an age. I come to you with, a message from the elven folk for all of you who will read these words This is Dawn of . anew age one in which our realms will again coincide or mesh if you will. You who are in tune with nature willing to hug a tree willing to believe in the mystery and magic of life. Those of you who are the earth warriors willing to call for an end of your dirty industries your geo-engineering as this one says You must open your consciousness to allow the magic to happen to meet us on the path be light of heart. With respect in your voice and you will most likely receive the same a loving heart would also be a good idea for we have ways to defend our realms as your myths will tell you.  You must walk your talk, you must bring your energy up to match our vibration the vibration of the new age the new earth. Long have you bowed to these mechanized gods of war. Pulling the lifes blood out of earth in the form of what you cal crude oil which it is more cruel vampiric  in a way.

From this, I would say we have much to change fix or heal before we can merge the two realms?

You will need to stop the pollution the racking  or acid jobs that they do for the planet can no longer sustain this onslaught. At an individual level you must do your inner work cleaning, healing your past traumas and beliefs that no longer serve you the planet of the coming age.  You must recycle worn out ideas , fears  and your karmic baggage. you should also clean up you immediate neighborhood do not leave your trash to blight the land and waters. You humans really have become to disconnected from this beautiful planet on which you spring. It is high time to demand  a respect for mother nature for she is the one that truly matters if you want to continue as a people.

I agree that we certainly need to clean up our act. You mentioned magic earlier it woud seem that we could work together to make these changes you speak of?

We have magic that can heal the planet. What must happen first though-is the damage has to stop for if you continue to pollute both air ,water and land our collective magic will be for nought. We would advise that your magic spells be followed by some direct action such as throwing your wooden shoes into the gear work of these industries bent upon slaying you and this planet. Be vocal about that which you know in your hearts is wrong as they say be the change you want to see.  you can be love and light but there are some times you you just plain have to fight. Just say no to fossil fuels plastic bags and pharmaceuticals. Awaken from the fog of mass media, dogmatic religions and science divorced from the heart.

Dawn Slayer I wish to thank you for your words of wisdom. Are there things that I can do to facilitate further dialogue with you and your kind?

Gandalf the green you know that we like flowers and the cute little houses you used to put on the land you care for.  As they say build and they will come. Your  plan for meditation space would be more pleasing to converse with you in nature would be our preference. It only requires a quiet mind, a open heart and a child like sense of wonder really all the other stuff is just the frosting on the cake. We take leave of you bright blessings from the elven collective.

I have one more question before you go. How can I get around using magic that would hamper or influence another with out incurring negative karma.?

Yes we are aware of your desire to avoid the karmic wheel of fortune. we would reccomnd the use of a geas a sort if then kind of spell.  For those that are harming the planet and you humans to we might add a binding spell would be totally justified. and then you have the option to send them healing energy as well so have ht it we say to your won heart be true.  Do you have further questions?

No I thank you for this dialogue and I bid you many blessings on your journey


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e bid you fair thee well then and elven blessings to all