There is a bit to unpack with this tittle I know.  So i will begin with my first introduction to Metatron through James Tyberon series of tapes I picked up at an Earth keeper conference in Hot springs Arkansa. What was revealed in these three CD’s was the addition of five more chakras above the crown chakra, they also tied it to a sacred geometry frame work. The eighth Chakra or subtle energy center is the apex of a tetrahedron with the base at your feet. I have come to understand that this connects you to your higher self or eighth dimensional self.  The next Chakra is tied to the shape of hexagon a six sided square structure, that connects to the earth. In you it represent the ninth dimension and your planetary consciousness. The tenth Chakra connect to the shape of a octahedron which includes the solar system the tenth dimension and your solar consciousness. We no move on to our eleventh Chakra which link to the shape, of a dodecahedron, the eleventh dimension and your galactic consciousness. The twelfth Chakra is in that dimension and connect to a Icosahedron which encompasses the universe and you got it your universal consciousness.

The second reference to

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is through Meg Bendictine. She has a different approach. While still acknowledging the twelve Chakras. She uses circles, vortices and the dimensions, Swirling up through the Chakra she portals you to the twelfth dimension and then beyond to the God consciousness or source, She also calls it the zero point. All in all it was a powerful guided meditation.

It makes sense the circle is more famine and the sharp lines of sacred geometry or angularity is more masculine.  The important thing is they agree on the twelve Chakra system, and James did mention circles enclosing the outer ring he did not use the power of the vortices off that geometry  which lights it up for me. We need both if we are to ascend or evolve to our fifth dimensional selves. I should also make a disclaimer here I have tied some this together based on my experience with the two systems. These two people though greatly influenced this article for which I am grateful. I hope this will help you unlock door you thought you could not open.