Peace is easy right you accept me I accept you we are at peace. Of course it can be complicated but that usually involves judgement and that is not good. Still peace is good war is bad keeping it simple right?

Love now that always seems to be hard but it should be easy like peace right? I love you you love me it is all cool still judgement comes in right are you loving me as much as I am loving you. So love has to be unconditional to be easy I love you no matter waht is the cry. I will love you even if you do not return it. Most important though is you love yourself be thankful for what you have this is key to a good life.

Unity now there is a tough one for me because I love free will the right of the being to have sovereignty over your own body and soul. you tell me I have to now unify with everyone to become one. Not an easy task right?

Maybe we need something we can rally around. A symbol that we can unify around. Something we all can love. What could that be well I propose we rally around Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia that we aid her in her ascension and thereby insure our own!

artistic blossom bright clouds
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