What does it mean really? We have up down and to the sides that would be 3D right add time we can squeak out 4D right?  What can we add to make a 5D reality?

The esoteric science would say that the astral might be considered  a fourth density plane or dimension, could this be our fifth dimension? Could it be this other state of consciousness? Is it simply a matter of thinking about reality in a different way?

Then we have String theory or m theory were they postulate 11 dimensions, all being created by I guess plank length strings vibrating to manifest the dimension we both see and the ones wee do not see but maybe sense. I will point out that there is a whole lot of math that possibly only the theoretical physics could love and understand. I did hear that they tried to add a twelfth dimension but the math just would not work out. Which I am sure make a lot of astrologers sigh.  I know totally random thought right?

Lisa Transcendence Brown talks about Losing the ego and going though some quantum shift in consciousness that puts her and possibly us in a fifth dimension state at least that is what I think she was saying about this. It works for me in that math is a conscious construct, sacred geometry also a construct of our consciousness, therefore we construct tis fifth dimension out of our consciousness. It is all mind it is all one and yet is the many too. It would be a high vibration of those strings or the spin of the atom picks up speed. We vibrate at a higher frequency such as the vibration you feel with love or joy or passion. Perhaps we should add that it is also about unity that part about being being an individual and also one with all this is one of many paradoxes we must resolve for this fifth dimension upgrade. Which might also involve a DNA upgrade as well. Lisa also talks about the inner work that it requires to make this transition of dimensionality.

Inner work by the way also known as shadow work or deep meditative contemplation of past trauma or guilt associations. it is about releasing trigger that you have This I would say is a life long pursuit. It is also why they recommend daily meditation. I wish you luck in the pursuit of that nest rung on the ladder that step up into the fifth dimension and beyond the very best game in town to play

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