Dear human children It is I Gaia , Mother earth, your primary matrix on which you stand lay run laugh love In fact you spring from me whether you are a tree  or not.

This one ask me if I have ascended and how far or to what level have I attained. I must answer this questions from the eternal now and in that state I am a tweth dimesional being. My consciousness is with the One, I manifest on the third through the sisth at this current tine. In one way I and everyone of you are divine beings each containing a spark from the prime creator of this universe.

How long will you maintain a third dimensional matrix for us Humans?

This question is difficult for me because on one level it has already ended yet on this timeline it continues for some time into your  future when most if not all of you have come to the realization of your divine right to evolve into your crystalline forms and anchor into to my fifth dimensional new earth grid.

Are their humans already at the conscious state to see the new Earth?

Yes there are humans walking among you that also see a new earth and they are even interacting with it for it offers many new avenues for creativity. The important thins is to have a lot of love in your heart and a good control of your thoughts. Fear will drag you back to third or forth dimensional matrix. There will come a time where these world will not intersect smoothly.  It is time for all of you to connect to your higher chakras  for you are twelfth dimensional beings also and the sooner your realize that the better it will be for you. Be aware of the Schuman resonance which is getting higher and higher eventually they Sun will let you know that third dimensional earth is coming to and end but not the end of all life. Be at peace my children be at one with the earth absorb the love from the sun and let it transform you. Walk in a forest or along a beach be grateful for what you have and be creative be loving be divine and kind.  Respect your pure heart marry the two minds together most of all expand your consciousness through plant medicines sacred chants or drumming are all good ways to get to no mind or zero point were you are connected to all. Feel and know that connect to me the sun the galaxy

blue and white planet display
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and the universe for we all love you and want the best for you.