Terra Nova, I was working hard upon the earth in the blazing sun.

It sapped me of my strength I felt I should lay down and take a nap.

While  I slept I happened to dream of a world bright and fair.

The Sun burned just as bright but the heat I could easily bear.

here was a gentle breeze white puffy clouds scudded  by

in shapes you could easily identify.

I remember thinking this is on fine dream I wish it were real.

It was then that it got surreal awake and aware I got up.

Much to my surprise the dream had become real.

The colors were vibrant the rose in full bloom grasses a glowing.

The trees were talking to me giving me all their dryad manes.

Of course I must be insane

Or was I still inside the dream?

I no longer care dream or no I love it here everybody is nice to me.

Or I will send my dragon after them to set their britches a fire.

red flowers photo
Photo by Hiếu Hoàng on Pexels.com