I was in a meditative place listening to a bird chirp when I went deep and farther out at the same time. So it was from my core to the Earths core then the solar core until I got out to the universal core and the perimeter with my third eye. I hung out there for a short while and decided to move back to an awareness of this galaxy my heart connected to the galactic center sun and my mind connected to this group which when asked said they where they Galactic Counsel. I asked for a way to reconnect after setting this up and they gave me a protocol which I will no use to continue there message:

greetings we come to you from the heart of the one and are pleased to communicate with you all on this time line in which you reserve this message,, we wish for you to understand that you are capable of many great things if you can unite in a purpose we would add that it is best if the purpose be of the highest good for all beings. It is through unity that we do many miraculous thing that you would deem magic just because you  are to wrapped up in your individual lives to make that connect of love through your heart mind and in concert with your ability to visualize that which you wish to create.  It is only the unity of the one mind and heart that creation was begun and maintained

All conscious beings have a responsibility to keep your thought pure  or on the common good the serves to the all this is the path to the unity that you all need to fix many of the pressing problems that have been created on this dear planet you call Gaia. We hope that more of you will strive to make contact with us or your own guides or higher dimensional self.

I lost contact so added a period to the last sentence I have also corrected typing errors since I typed with my eye closed to maintain contact. I will strive to make contact again and hop

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

efully they will share more or I may be able to ask them questions?