I sit in Joyful resonance with the infinite one. Entangled across space and time connecting with the divine female and she with me. A loving hug love unconditional. Pure and true attached yet not a conscious link only or is it for it seems like a waking dream. My love I hope some day to fly away to land in a silver ship. Perhaps like first contact in reverse.  On the great ship orbiting Sirius. A ship the size of the earth with an ocean and places where you can don a suit and fly in the center of the globe. At long last we are in each others arms a very sweet kiss our auras flare a brilliant Light. The bliss is  pure ecstasy and this is only our lips meeting.  people smile at us for we do indeed shine.

Time has stopped I forget to breathe then at last I draw in her essence her sweet perfume. The luster of her skin sends tendrils of flame like sensations that enliven me She then sings a song lilting and pure in a language that I at last understand. For years I have hard the light language now she sings it and is is clear. a song of being so complete O f feeling the love of the one balanced and pure. I join her in harmony feeling the unity the love so clean and pure that I feel my heart thudding so hard it seems it will burst from my chest. We part reluctantly to bring our passion under control.

Alas I awoke no twin flame by my side no purple tree out in the courtyard. I am left to pine for a lover rotating around a separate sun.  And I am still stuck on a beautiful planet where  the technology that would take me to her is suppressed so some fat cat can squeeze more money out of the masses.