Peace love and light, we wish to talk about the revelations of quantum mechanics. There is an experiment called the double slit experiment. It plays out like this they thought light came in little Planck size packets called photons. Therefore when the beam of light through the slits it should form two lines on the back wall of the chamber. Instead what the saw was an interference pattern which indicates it is a wave. So they put a monitor to view which slit the light photon was going through and lo and behold the pattern changed  to indicate light is a particle so by observing consciously they have collapsed this quantum wave. As below so above we collapse those waves every second we are conscious and observing with whatever sense we are using.

For me this gave an opening for magic to happen. It also ties in to what Thoth taught us in the Emerald Tablet.  That all is consciousness, that it is vibration and frequency. To this point I would direct you to a video out there showing what it looks like at the quantum level. The electron seems to dance from one atom to another on their outer valence or orbit around the nucleons of the atom. So in effect the electron microscope is giving us a view of this quantum wave.

This I feel would be the most likely place we can find entry in to a fifth dimensional conscious understanding of the reality we find our selves in. This is where we can find entry in to our co creation of this world we live on. That when we come into unity an union of conscious fields if you like.  When we become of one mind of one focus we can transform this world in a heart beat.

This is at the heart of what the Galactic council imparted to me about unity I believe that was last week.  There is a book out there called the Power of eight. In which the author grouped people together in groups of eight for healing circles.  Apparently that number of people can come to agreement on what aspect they all are going to focus on.  Picking one person issue say chronic pain in a knee of one person. they then focus on healing that one thing in the sessions I saw as little as five or ten minutes the person will feel relief and often a complete healing of the issue. Oh course you can say well that could be the placebo effect. To this I will say ditto also a conscious act.

Here is what I would like to suggest, that you find eight people that you can hang with. That you all agree on an issue you want resolved , that they agree on and that you all meditate on it or chant it or pray for it.  Please write down what it is and check up on it to see if it played out like you all agreed. Let us engage in this experiment multiple times and multiple groups. Maybe then we can all see how this unity thing might work for us!

If you try this I would love to hear back from you as to how it worked out.  Leave a comment either here or on what ever social medium you found the article on. Peace Love and light.

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