greetings dear brother it is I Emeraldella I come to you with the light of the creator of all. you are in a time of transformation  some of you prepare for this but many do not at their peril we would say. Do not take our word for it go within ask your guides I am sure they will have plenty of advise for the adepts the important thing to know is that you have these guides that they are tasked to help you they agreed to staying in a slightly higher vibration to not get caught in your dramas. Be careful of your thoughts be aware of your thoughts be in touch with your nature even if you live in a city you can find dirt anywhere . Stay grounded in  your own power. Tap into the planet the star that it revolves around these are great beings worthy of your respect and love .  We dragons moved out out the third density eons ago our stories long ago perverted by this game of telephone that you humans play when passing tales along at some later date I will again come to speak to you and set the record straight about dragoons.

First our story began back before humans came on the scene,  We cam to help form this planet you call earth.  We were tasked by the one prime creator to crate a garden world full of diversity. We were not the only ones tasked with this but we had important  task to do we land down what you call Ley lines though they used to be called Dragon lines as I said we laid them down as the earth was forming.

We first incarnated as what you call dinosaurs after many millions of year we evolved a hominid form and sent that kind out into the stars to find other planets. Some did great and were peaceful some got wrapped in fear and became pervader and cranky. We dove deep in to the creation and came to see how we can create life too We found other races or peoples out there some like us some like you humans. Some of us like me moved beyond needing technology. We learned to move with just our conscious thoughts it is amazing what you can learn when you have a long life.

As I stated we aided creator gods in creating this beautiful planet these other beings which certain fo your kind have named the builder race built many ancient structures. Through out this system and many more. When an asteroid was hurtled into  this planet many million of years ago they set up a protect system to avoid the destruction of life. They started a new experiment on earth with what they hoped would be a more adaptable to this planet.  These being evolved with help into your type of being. The builder race evolved beyond the need for technology long before you humans were created.  We Dragons stayed around in a fourth and fifth density bodies to observe  and future this experiment along since some of our DNA is within you.  Therefore we are connected to you both physically and consciously as all life is connected.

I will state here that the protection the builder race set up failed long ago. Since then there have been lesser creator gods or being not of your system playing what some have called Genetic farmers. Some have come here to control you to keep you from evolveing into being creator  gods too. Others have attempted to aid you in becoming what you were destined to be.  For within you generic code there is the potential  for great things if only you can overcome your garrulous natures.

I wish to end this session with these bits of wisdom you have the ability to heal yourself  the magic to transform your self. You have the spark of the one within you.  With sound vibration a higher frequency you will begin to see the veils on perception clear away. When you  begin to do this you will se our form again in your skies.  We would happily partner with you to heal the damage done by those that have no feeling of love for nature.  Join with all the beings that want to heal the earth for there are many planets out there that support life but few that can support such a diversity of life treasure this planet for it nurtures you and makes i possible to become great beings of light

We leave you now in the love and the light of the one.

black dragon roof ornament
Photo by Min An on