Peace, love and understanding may this article enlighten thee.  John Anthony West wrote a book supporting the idea that Astrology is a real thing.  Therefore I will proceed into what is happening now in the planets in this solar system.  We have six planets in retrograde which really means we lapped them or they lapped us in our spiral around our star, Amun Ra.  The latest is Uranus which is in the constellation of Taurus, a Earth sign.  Urbanus, is about system busting, revolutions.  So we will be reviewing  the path it has taken from Say May  218.

We also have an 8-8 Lions gate  today in fact. It is a Lions gate because  we are in the heart of the constellation of Leo the Lion. With another Solar eclipse scheduled for August 11, 2018.  On top of all that we are going through a protonic cloud right now of highly charged particles.  This promise to an exceptional Dog days of summer.  They are predicting temp getting to 91 degrees around were I live in the pacific northwest. Things are a lot dryer around here too.

Given all that is going on it is a good time to ground stay in the shade and reflect on what you have achieved What shadows you need to clear.  A good time to sit with your back to a tree and meditate on peace love and you add what ever you like to make it three the number of divinity.

In line with this coming Solar eclipse On the Eleventh it would be a good day for a group meditation say for Peace love and Unity for all.  the timing is a little rough since the eclipse is at 5:34 Am Eastern standard time.  I would be getting up a lot earlier than that hear on the west coast.  Well If you can not make that one I believe there is a group mediation every Sunday at 11:11 if not we could do ourselves What do you say folks let us be the change we want to see, know or feel.

I should mention that Leo is about Passion will strength a fire sign which is brilliant when you think about it since it happens in the hottest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere.  Even in the Southern Hemisphere The Sun is returning  The sun is in the constellation fo Leo no matter where you are on this planet so there is your intensity. Oh I forgot Mars is still In retrograde until August 27.  Mercury which does this three times a year will go direct August 19th we will all be glad when communication become easier or return to normal.

In the light and love of All. Namaste!

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