With the love of the light I come to you to speak of dragon kind in the evolution of this planet and indeed this galaxy  we long ago moved out of your third dimension regelated to myth and tall tales, pun intended.

Long ago we ascended to fourth density and fourth dimensional consciousness which kept us from your sight for the most part. Some of us were able to rise to fifth dimensional consciousness. It is hard for our kind to be in unity but we managed to do it so therefore, so can you. It was at that point when we no longer had to prey upon lower density beings such as you Human beings.  We know attempt to aid you in advancing too. For it aids us too that we may advance by giving this aid. We of the Emerald Ray can be of assistance in healing and perhaps advice on how best to make this transition to fourth density and fifth dimensional consciousness.

My first advice is to mellow out to come into a state of peace with yourself. To be loving and caring of your temple body and tap into your dragon heart or Kundalini. You must go within and connect  to the earth mother with your root chakra and let the energy flow up through your legs into your lions  firing up your root chakra let the lava the heat rise to the sacral chakra feel the warmth filling your belly with a warm glow. See the energy rising to your solar plexus, ignite the solar fire there. Quickly your heart chakra should open giving you the dragon heart, feel the strength build out into you arms and shoulders, bring your hand over your head into a prayer mode and then bring them down to your heart. Now feel the energy rise up to your throat if you feel like let out a deep growl or tone the Om. Let the energy rise to your pineal gland or third eye here you obtain the dragon sight where you can see the evil ones before they can trap or slay you.  Rise the energy now to your crown chakra feel the bliss blossoming out of your crown filling your energy or etheric body with light and love. Once you can achieve this rising with ease you will have the power to make the transition.

You must also convert your patterns of judgement. It is one thing to judge an action as to whether it serves the common good. To judge another though is wrong for as pure as you think you are this lifetime I can assure you you most like y have done the the same thing or else you would not know it is wrong. Remember as above so below, not all dragons are bad just as not all humans are bad.

I know it is hard to rise up into that higher awareness only to crash back again into the chaos of the third dimension. But each time you do it. It will get easier the next time. Be open to finding others of a like mind that way you can reinforce each others forays into the fifth dimension  together creating the bliss and joy that you  will have justly earned.

In the light and the love of the one

and keep the magic alive.

Namaste Emeraldella

black dragon roof ornament
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com