Yes the season of the Virgin is upon us.

Ruled by Mercury now direct in relation to us

Venice, Isis Inane, Demeter she who is know by a thousand names.

Farewell to Mars who turned away Neptune, Saturn, and Joveha.

Cycles of time the return of the divine female the independent woman coming of age!

Will she usher in a new dimension?

Will we throw off the chains and retrains to our divine will?

Will she find love will you?

Break out of your box go galactic be universal be boundless and free.

Be the captain of your ship sailing an endless sea of possibilities.

Be aware of your vibe.

what is your frequency?

With what are you entrained?

Know that you are divine, that we are unstoppable when united.

Kindness should be your creed.

ken and friends are a gift for sure.

Through gratitude and forgiveness we find new strength.

these two might indeed be the key to a long and happy life.

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