Indeed the event is happening now and has been for several months now. Instead of a massive flash it has come in as increasing waves of energy with the recent eclipse adding to the mix. We humans seem to be locked in to our 3D visions. Even while witnessing 44D and 5D sightings or energies. Such as Fairy orbs at ECTI.

What we need to do is open our hearts and minds t the wider realty that we exist in. This can involve us clearing our chakras or at least acknowledging we have them. Which there are physical analogs for them in the arrangement of nerve bundles that come out of your spine to operate organs and muscle at the same place the ancient said the chakra where. Now that I have established there is something go ing on here let us move on the the other five chakras that connect into your planetary body, your solar body your galactic body and your universal body These I can only say I know by personnel experience though others have talked about  us having twelve chakras and once upon a time twelve strand DNA back in the time of Zep Tepe the first time of  Atlantis and Egypt which was part of that previous golden age/race.

So we have been here before we just do not remember it yet. But some of us do remember some of that past and how this resembles that prior time. Where the Elven folk from under the hill would join us in celebration.  When the Dragon folk would impart their wisdom. Well I have experienced the Emerald Dragon and her wisdom. there are many who talk about 4D and 5D being present on Gaia now. We all can feel the change even if we do not know what to call it.

I ask you all to bring it on out. Acknowledge the divine within you. by stating I am the one, I am the love  I am kind, I am sovereign, I am entangled with it all, I am the zero point.

In Love, Light and Unity the divine within me acknowledges the divine with in you,be the one 0525181217_film3Namaste.