I am open to love. My heart is healed ready to go again.

It began some time ago I learned to love myself.

I feel the love of the divine at my center point.

The Zero point which is inside us all.

Now that I am full of this agape love from source.

I wish to share it with a divine female.

A sister, a lover with whom I can discover She who completes me.

Are you open to Love ready to meet the divein male.

Or are you still healing a broken heart, then now that I am a healer.

My love is intense, a blazing light, passionate and strong.

It is a love that will last long long time for it is true.

Bringing you to heights you rarely see.

Are you ready to feel a divine love?

Love, light and passion

couple standing in the seashore hugging each other during sunset
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com