Found a site that gives a chart of the Schumann Resonance:Schumann Resonance Today September 6 2018

You might ask what is Schumann resonance? well it is the difference in electric potential between the Earth’s surface and its ionosphere a natural wave guide, which was discovered by physicist Winifred Otto Schumann.

Why should you care about it? well you brain resonates in tune with the schumann Resonance no doubt due to the magnetite that is in your electrical changed brain. I will state that that study was done back when the Schumann resonance was  at 7.83 Hz. As you will see on the chart the frequency is on the vertical axis the time is on the horizontal. We now have that resonance peaking out at over 40 Hz.

The amplitude on the chart is indicated by the color with white being the highest amplitude. Another thing to note is the time is set at UTC which corresponds to the city Tomsk Russia.

So if you are feeling or have felt today a little agitated  it might be these high frequency wave from the sun or scalar weapon or HARRP or light forces cleaning up plasma beings.  Pick your poison but meditation might help to slow down your responce to these overwhelming surges.