Quantum mechanics, Heisenberg uncertainty Principle, consciousness affecting  the quantum world. Shooting photons one at a time at two slits in a box with a sheet of light sensitive paper what did they get not two lines on the back of the box like they thought it should be. Instead it indicated a wave or the interference pattern of said wave.  So they decided to put a sensor at the slits to see how that could be for it indicated that the single photon went through both slits at the same time so why not see. To their great surprise the pattern they got was two lines on the back of their box. Thus indicating that our consciousness collapses the quantum wave or that we effect mater at the smallest scale, to which I say as below so above.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles state that we can only know one thing at a time. Such as we can not the velocity of an electron but not the trajectory or we can know the trajectory but then we can not find the velocity. One or the other but not both at the same time.  So in the very small there is uncertainty. But then there is uncertainty in love and life so no surprise there right?

In this Quantum world we find that these very small particles can be entangled  and what you do to one will effect the other. This is what Einstein called spooky action at a distance something he did not like.  They have recently done an experiment with these particles separated by enough miles that showed this reaction is instantaneous, therefore these particles are communicating faster than the speed of light.   This could be how ET communicating across great distances. Another method of communicating like  telepathy might workin the same way or that oru consciousness is connected or entangles with every other consciousness ott there. This is my theory on how that could be happening if you have a better  one please let me know.

I also feel that this science supports a lot of the other new age /golden age ideas. It also supports ancient scribes such as Thoth. Such as all is consciousness, and the rest of the Emerald tablet is supported a great deal by modern scientific things.  Though they might disagree with me on all of it. Depending on how wrapped up in their Materialistic reductionism dogma. I firmly believe you have to thinki outside the box when it comes to the Quantum world.

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