I have recently returned from The Earth Keepers Arklantis 2018 conference in Little rock Arkansa. Earth keepers is organized by a chap that calls himself James Tyberon of Tyberon Crystal Services. A Geologist born in Arkansa and also spent a lot of time in Brazil as a part of his work. Both of these locations have a high concentration of crystals which he now sells at these conferences that he puts on. James also channels the angel Metatron quite powerful to be there for that.

Since I am limited in the sight department, I like to set up assistance when I fly across the nation with more than one stop, so I step it up and a airline with the initials AA failed to provide. I ended up sleeping or attempting to sleep on the airport floror. Best laid plans of men or mouse is the quote as I remember. I just remembered that the guy next to me on the plane from Seattle offered to assist me but I refused stating that I had help arranged little did I know. It does show though that the universe was striving to take care of me.

I regret to say though I was at most of the presentations on Friday but the thing I remember the most was my time with Sha na ra one of two actual ancient Crystal skulls. This time I had paid to have time alone with her and it was Amazing  She answered my question telepathically and then just before the session was over she gave me a rush of white light up through my spine and body I felt as if I was ascending. It passed and though I  attempted to get back the session was over and I was totally Jazzed.  Which was quite amazing considering how little sleep I had that day.

Saturday, was a better day having had eight hours of sleep. It is also the day for the heavy hitters of the conference, Andrew Collins, author researcher, James Hogue, Astrologer of the presidents, Author, the authority on Nostradamus, Robert Schock, Professor of Geology at Boston University,  Graham Hancock, Author and many more. I have access to videos of the conference so if enough people show interest in one of these speakers let me know and I will review it and post a blog on a particular video unfortunately I can not share the videos.

Sunday, There were speakers from the A.R. E  great talks about Edgar Cayce and the center he established most famously known as the sleeping prophet. Here again if you are curious about that let me know and I will write more about their talks. I will be going back to review the talk on Dream interpretation and will most likely share that. Sunday evening, I had an appointment with James Hogue for a Tarot reading, it was a wonderful erudite conversation on meditation, osho and of course some personal stuff I do not care to reveal. All in all a good reading and he is a very intelligent and kind man.

I also had a session with Rael Verajoy s pyramid which she use a portable copper pyramid with binaural beats and colored lights, Rael muscle tested me for whether her crystal skull the golden one which is linked to the star system Sirius, we found that it was a strong connection so it joined me in the pyramid, I apparently got a later download from this crystal skull too but that was after I got back home so a different story for another time.

Sunday was also noteworthy for the ending ceremony with the channel of Metatron for we ended it with hugs all around I manage to get and give eight hugs,  When I think about it I got more hugs from day one there I love these people they are like family to me, many were on the trip to Peru and all that entailed another long story for a different time. I just want to say if you have a chance to attend on of the earthkeeper event do go it is well worth it.

I decided to add a comment to this, William Henry’s talk was about transhumanism he was not hopeful about this and would prefer we go the way of the rainbow body. We need to work toward a spiritual singularity the upgrade to the five D reality. This is a conscious revolution a coming together in unity you all!

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