Peace love and unity,  I am pleased to talk with you all today. this one has asked us to speak to the common good or to ascension of you all. The I am statement followed by whatever it is that you wish to express or manifest. This one use these statements with great  vigor even buying Malo prayer beads to insure he repeats the statement 108 times we like this because it breaks down numerically to the number nine which indicates completion.  He also uses his breath to empower each mantra we taught him that though he thought he had the ida himself which of course he did, since he and we are one just as all of you are one with your higher self. But know that all higher selves are also connected directly through source but with other branchings between us for what you term soul groups.

This is to pull in the beginning with unity for we all are unified in one sense without even trying the important thing you all need to do is unify in real time or as we like to say the internal now. When you unify around a concept say Peace for all and say you do this collectively in the now at even one percent of your world population wait a minute that is your problem on this world you are letting the one percent control you when you have the numbers game beat. Let us say if even ten percent of you could agree you wanted peace for all there would be peace for all.

There is a trick to it all you need to be able to focus and clear your mind of all other chater, meditation is the obvious path to that.  Redefining the roll for your ego is key to  as this one discovered you can not kill your ego though you can rise above you fear.  He at least thought the ego to not use fear to manipulate the id.  The important thing is to learn to love yourself and all other things the good the bad the happy the sad all needs to be loved and healed.

Here we would say that Shadow work is important not only for removing your triggers  but also if these aspect of your mental emotional body can create big problems if they come out in higher dimensional realities your darkness can let us say get really out of hand. So do your work now where these things play out in your imagination or may we say the astral plane. Go within find your higher self and see if what is said here resonates as truth. Peace love and light from  Phils Higher self.

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