October 19th 2018 boils down to Eleven the first master number. The gateway to your own mastery, this would be the call with Venus in retrograde astrologically speaking. Perhaps a time for us singles to get in touch with our other side  your anima or animus depending on your dominant sex identity. What you do not want to do is get married get in a serious relationship right now not until November 15th I believe when hte lady of love goes direct again as the Morning star. If you are in a relationship then hang on and ride it out. It is not the time to break up either.

It is a time to go within, to find your inner female your anima is what I have been told. Of course if you are a lady then it is your animus or inner male that you need to connect with. This is what I understand as a twin flame connection since it makes no sense to me tha we would both risk being trapped down here at the same time that would be insane.

This is why it is important to think multidimensionally your flame is in a higher octave to send you signals and hint to wake the fuck up. Get with the program we agreed upon. She forgetting that it was me coming in as an male again with that listening program I have to remember again an again. I am learning to hear her voice above the din of the high pitched whine in my left ear. Which just could be the increased frequency we are all experiencing in various ways.

All I know for sure that every since my trip to Arkalantis things have gotten weird from portals briefly opening up to meditations where I am suddenly living someone else’s life for a brief span of time but still wild stuff it is like I have been activated. I have added sun grounding to my routine in which I sit to meditate outside with my shoe off and feet tapped into the heart of Gaia and channel the Suns love into her heart.  They will sometimes talk to me telepathically greeting me by name how are you doing things like that nothing really profound yet but hey it is a start.

Me I am not waiting for an Event I am going to help create this 5D earth she has told me the lattice work has been laid down. Now it the time to plant those seed of what you want to see. Me I envision fruit and nut trees gardens full of vegetables and flowers with lots of birds and bees. Hobbit houses and marble temples to the moon and the sun. Clouds in the shape of dragons and fairy sprites. Emerald green forests. a very magical place indeed.

Peace love and Light from Gandalf the Green.

curtain wall buildinsg near water at golden hour
Photo by Adi kavazovic on Pexels.com