I am here to represent the Emerald Ray.

Of healing and growth it is all about.

From Archangel Raphael to Green Tara.

The color of your heart Chakra.

Emerald green were my lovers eyes.

Gandalf the green my magical name

The Green man and the green land.

The dark green of the evergreen

to the yellow green of the alder.

your kentucky bluegrass to green bud.

Watch out for the green giant and is green club.

Color light frequency Emerald green is so refined.

Indeed a gem of a stone.

It is this Emerald Ray that I channel to the earth.

Mixed with the blazing light of or dear Sun.

His loving light for Mother Earth’s Ascension in to 5D

This light is there for all who are of the Earth.

All who honor her and want her healed.

So I call to all of you what light to you represent?

I say get out there in the sun and mix your light for Mother Earth.

Join the party let us all ascend in our unique light.

summer abstract swimming pool
Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com